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Car driving licence
driver's license transfer

Transcription of foreign driving licence

We'll teach your driving licence how to speak German!

You want to have your foreign driver's license rewritten so that it is valid in Germany? No problem. We are there for you in German and English. Our e-learning software is even available in 12 languages. And in our online theory session, you'll learn everything you need to know for the transfer.
It's easy with DriveX. We take you further.
Already have an American driver's license? Find out everything you need to know about transferring your American driver's license here.



why we?

All Drive X advantages in a row:

save hours on the road with our online session!
Specially trained English speaking driving trainers on request.
E-Learning software in over 12 foreign languages.
We work transparently and ensure a fast process.
Entertaining lessons at eye level.
If you have any questions: write us


makes you happy? Happy customers.

"From registration to the exam, everything was very clear and easy."
Thi Nga, 22
"Thank you very much for the quick help." Husam, 40
"Everyone was very friendly and fair. this is a good way to start in Germany."
Vero, 36
"My trainer prepared me very well for the exams and only asked for what was really necessary." Marcus, 29


this is how easy it is to transfer your foreign driving licence

register with drive x online or on site.
  • At DriveX you book 3x 90 minutes of driving training directly. Additionally you book one of our theory online sessions here
  • Decide whether you want an automatic or manual driving licence

Apply for your driving licence at the driving licence office.
  • There you need:
  • the contract with DriveX
    (driving school number 10447)
  • Your current foreign driving licence
  • An official translation of your national driving licence(via lingoking)
  • A certificate of participation in a first aid course (also available in English)
  • Result of an optician's eye test
  • Your identity card or passport
  • A biometric passport photograph
  • Confirmation of initial registration in Germany
Theory exam.
  • Take the theoretical exam in one of 12 foreign languages.
  • Prepare for the theoretical exam with our e-learning software.
  • Make an appointment for the exam.
Come to our house and get your license.
  • There is no prescribed number of practice hours
  • You don't have to attend theory classes and you don't have to make special trips
  • DriveX recommends a few driving lessons to pass the practical test the first time.
DriveX Tip 1: Save yourself unnecessary waiting time and simply book an online appointment with the driver's license office in advance. That way, you'll have your German driver's license in your hands faster.
To the driving licence office

DriveX Tip 2: Take a look at our list of states. Here you can find out whether you have to take a theory test, a practical test or both.
If you have any questions:
We are here for you


what does the course include?

DESCRIPTION package price: 1149 €*

*The rewriting package includes the basic amount including the e-learning software and 135 minutes online theory session in English (555€), 5x 45 minutes practice lessons at 99€ each, one special driving (highway driving) at 99€.
Driving lessons are calculated at 45 minutes.
The package price does not include the cost of the theory and practical exam.

If more practice lessons or multiple exams are required, the price will increase by the additional services (driving lessons 99€ each, theory exam 95€, practical exam 249€).
Note: All prices include VAT.

book now!


FAQ on the transfer of a foreign driving licence

How long does it take to transfer a foreign driving licence?

With DriveX, the process is as simple and as fast as possible! You already book your driver training when you register.
The completion of the training depends mainly on the following:
- Processing time of the driving licence office for the permission to transfer a foreign driving licence.
- Your previous driving skills and the time it takes to transfer your skills to the requirements of a German driving test.

By when does a foreign driving licence have to be converted?

There is no time limit. However, you are only allowed to drive with your foreign driving licence for the first 6 months after your registration. After that, the foreign driving licence loses its validity in Germany. Therefore, you should apply for your German driving licence directly after registering in Germany.
You should also bear in mind that your foreign driving licence must still be valid on the day of your application.

Is there a probationary period for the transcription?

No, there is no probationary period as there is for a novice driver in Germany.
However, if the foreign driving licence was issued less than two years ago, the probationary period in Germany continues to apply. The date of issue of the foreign driving licence is decisive here, not the date of issue of the German driving licence. The remaining time of the probationary period is therefore added as a "remainder".

How do I know if my non-EU driving licence will be recognised in Germany?

Can I also transfer several driving licence classes (e.g. car and motorbike licence) at the same time?  

No problem, but you have to take a practical test for each driving licence class. You can take the theory test directly for several classes.

What happens if I cannot have my driving licence transferred?

If the transfer of your foreign driving licence is rejected, you will be treated as a novice driver in Germany. This means that you have to attend the theory lessons (14 x 90 minutes) and complete the special drives (12 x 45 minutes).

How long am I allowed to drive in Germany with my foreign driving licence?

You are allowed to drive in Germany for the first 6 months after your registration. If your national driving licence is not in English, you must carry an English translation. After that, you need a German driving licence to continue driving. Your foreign driving licence will no longer be recognised.

What examinations do I have to take when transferring my driving licence?

This depends on the country in which your driving licence was issued.
Here you can find our list of countries that can answer this question. If you are not sure, you can always contact us.

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