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theory Lessons.

Theory Lessons in munich

Your theory lessons in english


East Station‍

  • Topics:
  • TUE, 16th July: Topic 3 & 4
  • THU, 18th July: Topic 5 & 6
  • TUE, 23rd July: Topic 7 & 8
  • THU, 25th July: B special

this is how it works:

about theory lessons

What are the topics?

There are 14 topics. One lesson lasts 90 minutes.
Your advantage: DriveX always offers double lessons of 180 minutes.

DriveX offers the eight most important topics in English:

Topic 3 Road signs
Topic 4 Road markings & Autobahn
Topic 5 Right of way
Topic 6
Traffic regulations
Topic 7
Speed regulations
Topic 8
Other road users
Topic B1 special
Topic B2 special
Car technology

What about the rest of the topics?

The remaining topics are given in German only.
Click here to visit the missing topics

Do I need to have attended every topic?

You need to have attended the Topic B1 & B2 special and a total of 12 basic lessons.
Which 12 basic lessons you attend is up to you. You can also attend lessons twice.
If you have any questions: call us