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trailer licence

for fans and devotees of THE BIG ADAPTORS.

the trailer driving licence class BE.

Whatever you want to tow, with us you can set off perfectly prepared. We train you to become a trailer professional in two days. Limitless with the BE! Very quickly with DriveX. We take you further.

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WOhnwagen, horse trailer & CO.

trailer driving licence
Class B96.

Upgrade your car licence to a B96 driving licence in just one day. Our tried and tested Saturday courses now bring us customers from all over Bavaria. We are very proud of this! Enjoy your trip to the most beautiful city in Germany and come home in the evening with your newly acquired piece of freedom.

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B96 day course DriveX your driving school Munich

which trailer licence is the right one for me?

Driving license class BE
With the BE driving license you are allowed to pull trailers with a total permissible mass of 3500 kg. The permissible total mass of towing vehicle and trailer together may not exceed 7000 kg. With the BE driving license you are on the safe side, a larger license in the passenger car area does not exist. However, there is a training obligation including five special trips and a practical test.

Driving license class B96
The B96 driver's license, on the other hand, is a simple addition to your class B driver's license. It enables you to drive up to 4250 kg gross vehicle weight (towing vehicle and trailer). Only a one-day training course is required and no practical test.

If you are unsure which trailer license is right for your needs, you can contact us at any time.

What kind of trailer can I pull with a class B driving licence?

With the class B driver's license, you may tow trailers with a maximum permissible mass of up to 750 kg. If the trailer reaches a permissible total mass of more than 750 kg, the permissible total mass of the towing vehicle and trailer together must not exceed 3500 kg.

Trailer driving licence crash course

At DriveX - your driving school, efficiency and speed are always in the foreground, along with good and sustainable training. That's why you can get your BE driving licence in 2 days and your B96 driving licence in just one day.

What does a trailer driving licence cost?

We place great emphasis on cost transparency. On the subpages of the respective classes, you will always find a well-founded and realistic price example. You can get an overview of all DriveX prices here.

Which trailers can I drive without a trailer licence?

Without the trailer license, trailers up to 750 kg may be towed. The trailer may also be heavier if the total permissible weight of the towing vehicle and the trailer does not exceed 3500 kilograms.

What is the penalty for towing a trailer without the appropriate licence?

According to §31 of the Road Traffic Act, you are threatened with a fine or imprisonment if you drive a trailer without the appropriate driver's license.

Do I have to take a theory test for the trailer driving licence class BE?

You do not have to take a theory test for either the BE driving licence or the B96 driving licence. For the BE driving licence, you don't even need theoretical training, only practical training.

Can I take the trailer driving licence at any driving school?

As a rule, most driving schools offer the trailer driving license with some exceptions. With us, you get competent support from a team with many years of experience - we will be happy to advise you on the subject of trailer driving license!
You can take the B96 driving license everywhere in Germany. For the BE driver's license, an application for a driver's license must be submitted to your competent authority.
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