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C-CE driving licence

truck driving licence in munich

bring movement to the streets.
With this driver's license, you not only move several tons of steel and goods, you also ensure that our society can keep moving. We support you on this way with our concentrated load of know-how and truck competence. Get your Class C. It's easy with DriveX. We'll take you further.
C: for trucks over 7.5 tons gross vehicle weight and trailers up to 750 kg gross vehicle weight
CE: for trucks over 7.5 tons gross vehicle weight and trailers with more than 750 kg gross vehicle weight
C and CE


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Many advantages instead of much blah-blah:

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Theory in 10, practice in 14 days.
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Apply for your driving licence at the driving licence office.
  • There you need:
  • The confirmation from your driving school. (Our driving school number: 10447)
  • A biometric passport photo.
  • An eye test from an optician (not older than 2 years).
  • A certificate of attendance of a first aid course. Your identity card or passport.
theory test
  • Conclude the theoretical part by passing the theory test.
    In case of previous possession of class B:
  • 6 x 90 min theory (basic material).
  •  10x 90 min (truck lesson).
Take off while driving!
With us you only take as many driving lessons as you actually need - promised! practice lessons: Basic driving tasks and everything about departure control. The actual number depends on your previous experience and your skills.
The day of truth:
pass the practical test and hold your driving licence in your hands
DriveX Tip: Save yourself unnecessary waiting time and simply book an online appointment with the driver's license office in advance. That way, you'll have your driver's license in your hands faster.
To the driving licence office
Number of special trips:
Special trips class C
Dark drive
Extension of class B
Extension of class C1
Class CE - With trailer:
Special trips class CE
Dark drive
Extension of class C
C and CE together (solo)
C and CE together (train)
Duration of the driving test
75 minutes
If you have any questions:
We are here for you
089 44 88 555
Or write to us:

for the truck driving licence

To give you a feel for the price, we've put together an example of class C training with prior possession of class B:
Basic amount (class C):
Ten hours of practice (class C) at 95 €:

Ten legally required special trips (class C) at 105 € each:

Theory test:   
Practice test:   
Work together:  

All prices include tax. Driving hours are calculated at 45 minutes. Each additional driving hour costs 75 €. Excluding TÜV fees for theoretical and practical examination).
This is a price example.
The actual costs may vary.

Financing your driver's license?

Get your truck driver's license financed by the employment agency.

We can help you with this on 089 44 88 555. Or write to us:

Thank you for your registration, we will contact you as soon as possible.
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FAQ for driving licence class C & CE

Truck driver's license expired.

If your truck driving licence has expired, you must have it extended. Unlike the classic driving licence for cars, driving licences for trucks are only valid for a period of five years. After that, an extension is required. The renewal requires a medical test of vision and reaction time. Trucks have a high weight and are more difficult to drive than a classic passenger car. The requirements serve to increase road safety in traffic.

Truck driver's license expired.

To drive a truck, you need a class C licence. You can only obtain this licence if you already have a class B driving licence. If you want to work as a truck driver and obtain a driving licence, you first need a classic car driving licence. You must be at least 21 years old and you must be in good health to drive a truck. You can prove this with a health certificate.
To drive heavy trucks with trailers weighing more than 750 kg, you need additional licences. You can only acquire these if you already have the C licence. You have the option of taking these licences in parallel. You must present the class B driving licence when applying for the class B driving licence.

Truck driving licence extension with 50

Until 2013, HGV driving licences were valid for life, as were car driving licences. Due to the higher risk of accidents, the law was changed. This means that you have to renew your EU driving licence every five years. An exception is made for truck driving licences that were issued in the FRG or in the GDR before 1 January 1999. In this case, renewal is not required until you reach the age of 50. If you belong to this group and are not yet 50 years old, your driving licence is valid for longer than five years.

Truck driving license employment office / cost absorption

There is no legal entitlement to have the costs for the truck driver's license covered by the employment office. Nevertheless, you can get an advance or a loan for financing. This is usually the case if you can no longer practice your previous profession due to illness or after an accident. If you have learned a profession that is not in demand on the job market, you can retrain to become a truck driver. This option is open to you if there are many jobs available and if you can end your unemployment in this way. This means that the costs can be covered in exceptional cases. However, it is always a case-by-case decision.

Truck driving license time limit?

After passing the driving test, the truck driving license is limited to a period of five years. This means that you must actively seek an extension. Otherwise, the driver's license will expire. For you, this means that you are no longer allowed to drive a truck despite having passed the driving test. The police will consider the expired driver's license as if you did not have one. For this reason, it is important that you take care of the renewal in time. Note that there is no transition period. The date that is written on the driver's license is valid. One day later, the driver's license is considered expired.

Truck driving licence theory test

The driver's license for trucks is more or less an extension of the passenger car driver's license. It is therefore not necessary to take the entire theory test a second time. You extend the theory lessons by six additional hours if you are aiming for the driving license classes C1, C1E and C. In the class CE there are four additional hours. Class CE requires a further four hours of theory, so that you have to complete ten hours. It is important for you to know that it does not matter how long ago you acquired your driver's license. Even if you passed your theory a long time ago, it is still valid.

Truck driving licence intensive course?

You have the option of taking the driving licence for trucks in an intensive course. This is designed for a period of one week to ten days. Here it depends on how many driving hours you need. Eight to ten hours are prescribed, including night and cross-country driving. If you are confident after that and do not need any more hours, the acquisition of the truck driver's license in a period of ten days is realistic.

What does the truck driving licence cost?

The cost of obtaining a truck driver's license consists of several items. These include the fees for the theoretical driving test and the issuing of the documents. You will also have to pay for the health check and for the driving lessons with the completion of the practical test. The fee rate for the driving lessons differs between the different driving schools. Overall, you must expect costs in the range of 2,500 to 3,000 EUR.

From when can I get a truck driver's license?

If you want to pass the driving test for trucks, you must be 21 years old. You can start with the theory before. However, the driver's license can only be issued when you are 21 years old.
There is one exception: If you complete an apprenticeship as a professional driver after school, you are allowed to obtain the truck driver's license already at the age of 18. Note that this is only possible in conjunction with the training.

How much does it cost to renew a truck driver's license?

If you want to extend the driving license for the truck, you have to bear the following costs:

* Ophthalmological certificate to determine your eyesight: approx. 100 EUR
* General medical certificate to determine your general fitness: approx. 50 EUR
* Costs for the extension of the driving license in the driving license office: approx. 40 EUR

Thus you have to calculate with average costs in the amount of 250 EUR.

What medical examination for truck driver's license renewal?

Before you apply for the renewal of your driver's license, you are required to obtain two medical certificates. The first is an ophthalmological certificate. This is to exclude serious visual defects. Your ability to see at night must also be checked. If you have to wear glasses, that is no problem. However, it must be ensured that the glasses are perfectly adapted to your vision.

You will get another opinion from the general practitioner. He will check whether you are physically and mentally able to drive a truck. This is important because they are very large vehicles and driving them requires a certain level of skill. This is true on the highway as well as in the city. The mental component is especially important when you are driving long-distance. Often you drive alone for a period of hours and you don't get home for several days or weeks. It is important to check whether you are fit for this. However, since you already have experience when you renew your driver's license, this fitness test is usually not a problem.
In addition to the fitness test, the general practitioner will rule out any illnesses that could impair your ability to drive a truck.

From when is the truck driving licence necessary?

The weight class of the vehicle plays a role here. If you want to drive a truck weighing more than 3.5 tons, you must have a truck driver's license. Smaller trucks with less weight can be driven with a category B license. If you want to work as a professional driver, a category C license is required.

When does the truck driving licence expire?

The truck driver's license expires if you have failed to renew it within five years. The same applies if you have an older driver's license that has not yet been affected by the renewal. From your 50th birthday, you must also take care of a renewal.

Which truck driving licence classes are there?

There are four driving license classes for driving a truck:

Class C1 & C1E: With this license you are allowed to drive trucks with a weight of more than 3.5 tons. Note that you are also allowed to do this if you have the old class 3 license. This allows you to drive a truck with a weight of up to 7.5 tons. In addition, you can move a trailer with a weight of up to 750 kg together with the truck.

Class C &CE: This is the driving license class for trucks with a weight of up to 40t. Here, too, the"E" means that you are allowed to carry a trailer. This may exceed the weight of 750 kg. If you would like to apply as a professional driver and have no restrictions imposed on driving a truck, you need a class CE driver's license.

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