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FES Seminar Point Reduction

Driving aptitude seminar for the reduction of points

The lightning diet for your points balance.
Points may be nice on ladybugs, but not on your account in Flensburg. If you have a maximum of five points on your record, you've come to the right place: Our driving aptitude seminar will not only help you to get rid of one point, we will also help you to avoid getting another one in the future. Relax with DriveX - we'll get you ahead.

at driveX:
traffic education partial measure Online booking

Next date: 07.06.2024 in Bogenhausen

dismantle now!


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why we?

Many advantages instead of much blah-blah:

We conduct most seminars in Munich.
Firmly scheduled group seminars.
Also available as in-house training and individual seminar.
Relaxed atmosphere
without a head teacher.
in Munich and Unterföhring
We develop future solutions
With qualified partners for the traffic-psychological part.
If you have any questions, please contact us
or come by!

Swap a point in Flensburg for a seminar in Munich.

"Two 90-minute stretches can go by that quickly. I usually only know
that from good movies."
Annelore, 56
"Haven't gotten any new points since
Arne, 47
"Didn't feel like it at all at first.
But hey: Bye Bye Point! :)"
Pascal, 29
"Everyone who comes is in the same boat. I think that's why the atmosphere was so good and relaxed." Yasemin, 38

One seminar, two sub-measures:

part 1: traffic educational measure at drivex.
Group seminar: 299 €

Individual appointments for individual seminars can be made at any time by telephone
part 2: traffic psychology measure for drivex.
contact details
4 tips

These 4 Drive X tips will take you further:

Know the law.
Previously, the driver's license was gone at 18 points. Since 2014, it's revoked at eight points.
An FES reduces a point and can be carried out every five years.
Understand your dismantling.
"Will the first or last point I earn be deducted after participation?"
Neither, nor - the central registry will show your current score, with the addition: "Eligible for deduction."
Check your score.
if you're in a hurry.
... then start with the traffic psychology measure, as three weeks must pass between the 1st and 2nd appointment. In the meantime, you can then take part in the traffic education measure.
away away away away away away .
away away away away away away away away away away away away away away away.
Number of special trips:
Special trips class C
Dark drive
Extension of class B
Extension of class C1
Class CE - With trailer:
Special trips class CE
Dark drive
Extension of class C
C and CE together (solo)
C and CE together (train)
Duration of the driving test
75 minutes
If you have any questions:
We are here for you
089 44 88 555
Or write to us:


Trailer license, small price

To give you a feeling for the price, we have put together an example:
Basic amount:
  590,00 €
21 normal practice hours at 75 € each:
 1.575,00 €
14 legally required special trips at 85 € each:
 1.190,00 €
Theory test:   
92,51 €
Practice test:   
218,00 €
Work together:  

All prices include tax. Driving hours are calculated at 45 minutes. Each additional driving hour costs 60€. Excluding TÜV fees for theoretical and practical examination).
This is a price example.
The actual costs may vary.

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Driver's license financing
Just get your truck driving licence financed by the employment agency.
We can help you with that on 089 44 88 555. Or write to us:



When do points expire in the central traffic register?

This depends on the severity of the offences. Since the points reform in 2014, each offence is forfeited individually.
After 2.5 years: Administrative offences punishable by one point (e.g. smartphone offence or > 20 km/h too fast i.g.O)
After 5 years: Serious administrative offences or criminal offences punishable by two points (e.g. hit and run) Criminal offences punishable by three points
After 10 years: Serious administrative offences or criminal offences with revocation of driving licence

When does the redemption period begin?

The start of the redemption of the points received begins in each case with the date of legal effect. The date of the offence is not relevant.

How is the deduction made?

After successfully completing both the traffic education and the traffic psychology part of the course, you will receive a certificate of participation that must be submitted to the competent authority within 14 working days.

How can I find out my score?

You can easily check your current score online at the Federal Motor Transport Authority. It is also possible to enquire by post.

What does it cost to reduce a point?

At DriveX, the entire seminar consisting of both partial measures costs a total of approx. 600 euros (the traffic education partial measure costs 299 euros at DriveX, the traffic psychology partial measure costs approx. 300 euros)
If you are interested in an individual one-to-one seminar, the traffic education partial measure costs 499 euros.

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Driving aptitude seminar for the reduction of points
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