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Driving Behaviour Observation

If there is any doubt about the driver's fitness to drive, the authorities will order an MPU at an independent assessment centre.
The medical-psychological examination (MPU) then clarifies whether or not there is a risk of repetition. The purpose of the examination is to dispel any doubts about your fitness to drive.

When is a driving behaviour observation required?

If physical or mental performance deficits are determined during the MPU, you can prove through a driving behaviour observation that you are nevertheless able to compensate for these deficits in road traffic and are therefore able to drive a motor vehicle safely.
A driving behaviour observation can also be arranged by the driving licence authority.
In both cases, DriveX is the right partner at your side.

here's the deal
How does the ride work?

the vehicle used for the driving behaviour observation must be a class B vehicle (passenger car) approved for driving tests.
A specially trained DriveX driving instructor and a traffic psychologist will accompany you on the drive.
We recommend booking a preparatory lesson before the driving test to familiarise yourself with the requirements of the drive and the vehicle.
You will have to drive a predefined route of approximately 15 kilometres.
The drive takes approximately one hour.

  • Contents of the driving behaviour observation:
  • Turning into subordinate or superordinate roads.
  • Left turns on roads
    with oncoming traffic.
  • Safely perform lane changes.
  • Proper behavior at public transportation stops.
  • Safe travel on marked multi-lane roads.
  • Safely navigate intersections with traffic signals.
  • Correctly navigate intersections with stop signs.
  • Turning with special attention to cyclists.
  • Driving at an appropriate speed, especially in accordance with the speed limits in force.


Is it possible to repeat a driving behaviour observation after failing it?
If you fail the driving behaviour observation, you can repeat it as often as you like. However, the time allowed by the Driver Licensing Agency must be adhered to or extended if necessary.

Preparation for the
driving behaviour observation
DriveX offers preparation units for the driving behaviour observation for 144€ (90 minutes). Here you will learn everything you need to know to pass the drive.
You will get used to our driving trainer, to the vehicle that you will be driving in the assessment and to the conditions of this test-like drive.

Can I also take the driving behaviour test with an automatic vehicle?
You decide whether you would prefer to take it on a manual or an automatic vehicle. Incidentally, it has no effect on your driving licence with which vehicle the driving behaviour observation was completed.
However, we recommend an automatic vehicle for the driving behaviour observation in any case. You can get used to it more easily and quickly and thus avoid additional stress while driving.

How do I register for the driving behaviour observation?
You must arrange the driving behaviour observation with your MPU test centre. DriveX will be happy to help you and accompany you through the steps back to your driver's license!