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Driver fitness assessment

When is a driving aptitude assessment ordered?

A driving aptitude assessment is comparable to a practical driving test and lasts 60 minutes.
It is ordered if there are general doubts about the person's fitness to drive. The persons accompanying the assessment are a driving instructor and a specially trained expert from a testing centre (TÜV)
Doubts can arise, for example, from the following events:

- after serious illnesses that must be reported.
- for reasons of age
- repeated conspicuousness in road traffic
- after serious accidents for which the driver was at fault
- due to a physical disability
- repeated misconduct of character in road traffic
- report to the police

here's the deal
What can you expect on the ride?

The drive takes place in a class B vehicle (passenger car) approved for driving tests with a trained DriveX driving instructor as well as an expert from a test centre (in Munich, the TÜV).
We recommend booking a preparatory lesson before the driving behaviour assessment to familiarise yourself with the requirements of the drive and the vehicle.
The assessment takes about one hour.

  • Contents of the driving fitness assessment:
  • Turning into subordinate or superordinate roads.
  • Left turns on roads
    with oncoming traffic.
  • Safely perform lane changes.
  • Proper behavior at public transportation stops.
  • Safe travel on marked multi-lane roads.
  • Safely navigate intersections with traffic signals.
  • Correctly navigate intersections with stop signs.
  • Turning with special attention to cyclists.
  • Driving at an appropriate speed, especially in accordance with the speed limits in force.