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Car driving licence
Change driving school

change driving school

change your driving school easily with drivex

So far, what should actually belong together does not fit?
Are you dissatisfied with your current driving school? Then come to DriveX - your problem solver!
Don't worry - together we can do it! We will bring back the fun of driving.
Changing driving schools is easier than you might think. You decide to change to us and can put your feet up - we take care of the rest. In order to avoid problems and inconveniences with your previous driving school right from the start, we will have a needs-oriented discussion with you at the beginning. Here we will learn about your previous experiences in a relaxed manner and can select the perfect DriveX driving instructor with you. Of course, you can also change driving schools if you have moved to another city. In this case, we will contact your previous driving school and transfer the test order to Munich.
Quite simple with DriveX - your driving school

Prerequisites for the change of driving school

Change now!

why we?

x Advantages with DriveX

Start possible immediately.
change of driving school - we will take care of it.
YES :)
always near you.
specialists who know what matters.
If you have any questions: Call us

we are

not satisfied till you are

"Everything was really better at DriveX!
Everyone is not only nice but very knowledgeable."
Lucas, 22
"Everything was really better at DriveX!
Many thanks to the lovely staff."
Jon, 22
"All done in two days."
Ferdinand, 25
"Great preparation for the exam! Thanks again."
Bernd, 44


4 steps to your driving licence!

Change talk - we talk to you about your previous driving school experiences & find a better way together!
arrange appointment
apply for a change of address.
  • We will inform your current driving school about your wish to change.
  • Put your feet up and wait until the authority has transmitted your test order to DriveX
    (Driving school number: 10447)
continue at drivex & take off!
  • We pick you up where you stand! Figuratively speaking - book your driving lessons online and off you go!

    We'll take a first practice drive together to get an overview of your training level:
  • We can use special trips already completed for up to two years.
plan the practical test with your driving instructor
  • ... And hold their driver's license in your hands!
    Contents of the exam:
  • Departure control
  • urban driving
  • Motorway & Overland
  • Basic driving tasks
DriveX Tip: Save yourself unnecessary waiting time and simply book an online appointment with the driving licence office in advance. This way, you'll have your
driving licence in your hands faster, despite changing driving schools.
To the driving licence office
If you have any questions:
We are here for you


What does a change of driving school cost?

This is a class B driving school change - other classes may vary.
Change (theory lessons already completed):
Change (theory lessons not yet completed):
e.g. two normal driving lessons (76 €):
e.g. two special trips required by law (76 €):
A theory test:   
A practical exam:     

All prices include VAT. Driving lessons are calculated at 45 minutes. Each additional driving lesson costs 76 €. (Excluding TÜV fees for theoretical and practical test).
This is a price example.
The actual costs may vary.


FAQ on the subject of changing driving schools

Can you change from one driving school to another?

You can change from your current driving school to a driving school of your choice at any time.

What costs should I expect when changing driving schools?

This depends on your previous performance at your previous driving school. If you have already completed the theoretical part of your training, an administration fee of 299 euros will be charged. If you have not yet completed the theoretical part of your training or the theory test, DriveX will charge you the basic fee of 519 euros.

Do I need to contact my previous driving school again?

No. We understand that there may be reasons for changing where you don't want to have anything to do with your previous driving school. No problem - with your permission, we can take care of everything.

Change driving school because of the driving instructor

If you are dissatisfied with your current driving instructor, you should not hesitate for long and change driving instructors. Often, driving schools have several driving instructors on staff who can normally take you on. If this is not the case, or even after changing your driving instructor you do not feel that you are in good hands and understood, you can always change your driving school.

How long are theory lessons already completed valid?

Theory lessons and driving lessons already completed can be used for up to 2 years (each lesson already completed or each special journey already made is forfeited individually).

How long are driving lessons already completed valid?

Of course, you can continue to use the driving lessons you have completed so far. You don't start from scratch with us, but already have a certain foundation of driving knowledge.
Special driving lessons can be used for up to 2 years. We can use these at DriveX. You then only do the ones that are still missing or the ones that have expired.

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