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a1-motorcycle driving licence
The little motorcycle license.


Startingat 16: With the motorcycle license class A1 you can ride motorcycles with a cubic capacity of up to 125 cm3 and an engine power of up to 11 kW. Do you prefer to ride a tricycle? No problem: Three-wheeled vehicles with a maximum power of 15 kW are also possible. And all this with the comprehensive know-how of our DriveX motorcycle professionals. For maximum safety and riding pleasure.


why we?

1A advantages with A1 - with DRIVE X:

Theory in 7 days
Also possible as an intensive course in 10 days.
From motorcyclists for motorcyclists.
Bike 2 Bike training.
Clearly arranged:
No driving lesson too much with the DRIVE X training card.
Motorcycle base in Bogenhausen.
With own practice area and changing rooms. If necessary we provide you with the equipment.
If you have any questions: write us


Satisfied? Then so are we!

"I was mega unsure at the beginning, but my driving instructor explained everything step by step."
Franzi, 17
"You can tell that safety comes first."
Andreas, 16
"Cool to learn from people who do this not only at work but also in their free time."
Caro, 16
"The time went by really fast, especially the theory."
Juri, 18

This will get you there safely:

Book your theory intensive.
Book the right motorcycle license class A1 course for you - online or at our location.
Apply for your driving licence at the driving licence office.
  • That's what you need:
  • The confirmation from your driving school. (Our driving school number: 10447)
  • A biometric passport photo.
  • Your passport or identity card.
  • The result of an eye test at the optician. (Not older than 2 years.)
  • Proof of a successfully completed first aid course.
Conclude your theoretical part by passing the theory test
Take off while driving!
With us you will only take as many driving lessons as you actually need - that's a promise!
  • Exercise classes: Basic driving tasks and the safe handling of the motorcycle.
  • The actual number depends on your previous experience and skill.
  • 12 special trips are required by law
  • 5 x 45 minutes overland drive
  • 4 x 45 minutes of motorway and
  • 3 x 45 minutes night drive
Pass the practical test and hold your driving licence in your hands
Save yourself unnecessary waiting time and simply book an online appointment with the driver's license office in advance. This way you will get your
motorcycle license class A1 even faster.
To the driving licence office

What awaits you?

In any case, no driving lesson too much.
With us you will only take as many driving lessons as you actually need - that's a promise!
Here you can see what your training includes:

If you have any questions:

We are here for you

089 44 88 555
Or write to us:

motorcycle license-munichmotorcycle license-munich

That'll be how much?

To give you a feeling for the price, we have calculated in this example with our average number of hours from 2020 for the motorcycle license class A1.
Basic amount (expenditure of the driving school + theory intensive course):  
e-learning software:
8 normal driving lessons (85 €):
12 statutory special trips (€85):
Work together:  

All prices include VAT. Driving lessons are calculated at 45 minutes. Each additional driving lesson costs 85€.
Excluding the theory test (95€), the practical test (229€) and the respective TÜV fees for the theory and practical test).
This is a price example.
The actual costs may vary.


Questions about the motorcycle driving licence class A1

What is allowed to drive with the motorcycle license class A1 at all?

The little motorcycle license.
With the A1 driving license you are allowed to drive a motorcycle or scooter with a maximum of 15 hp (11 kW).
The motorcycle or scooter (with or without sidecar) must have a maximum engine capacity of 125 cm³. The ratio between the vehicle and its own weight must not exceed 0.1 kW/kg.
The maximum speed is normally between 90 and 100 km/h.

What is the difference between the A1 driving licence and the A2 driving licence?

The difference lies mainly in the minimum age (A1: 16 years and A2: 18 years) and the maximum power, which is 15 hp (11 kW) for the A1 and 48 hp (35 kW) for the A2.
The A1 motorcycle licence is the smallest motorcycle licence, the A2 the middle level.

What is the difference between the A1 and the B 196 driving licence?

The A1 motorcycle licence is a fully-fledged motorcycle licence that is valid both domestically and abroad.
As soon as the requirements for the extension to a larger motorcycle class (possession for at least 2 years, minimum age fulfilled) are met, the driving licence can be extended without a theory test and without any further training obligation.
This is not possible with the B196 motorcycle licence. Here, you would have to complete a full training course (including theoretical and practical test) in order to be able to take the next larger motorcycle licence.

What do you need for training at DriveX?

Both during the driving lessons and during the practical test, the wearing of full protective clothing is mandatory.
This consists of:

DriveX provides you with free protective clothing at our motorcycle location in Bogenhausen. Of course, you are also welcome to use your own protective clothing for the driving lessons and the test and conveniently park it in our lockable lockers.

How does the practical exam work and how long does it take?

The practical test includes driving in built-up areas, driving out of town and the basic driving tasks specific to the class - these are the same for motorcycles:
Around the driving licence:

Experience independence by car. Whether with or without trailer.

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