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D-DE driving licence
Class D and DE
Welcome to big Bus-iness.
You want to drive really big buses and take more than 16 passengers with you? Then the class D or DE driver's license is exactly what you need. With us you get it together with our many years of experience and a lot of fun in the subject. This way you will reach your destination quickly and relaxed. It's easy with DriveX - we'll take you further.
D: for large buses
for large buses with trailers with a maximum mass exceeding 750 kg
D and D


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Many advantages instead of much blah-blah:

Free of charge:
Funding by the Agentur für Arbeit possible.
Theory in 10 days, practice in 14 days (with pre-existing class CE).
With e-learning program and own practice area.
Clearly arranged:
DriveX training card for bus.
No job yet? We can place you!
Pay only once with the theory test airbag, no matter how many tries you need.
If you have any questions: Call us
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What's in our favor? Our customers:

"Got sponsored by the employment office
Thanks for the tip!"
Jürgen, 51
"Didn't think so,
but the theory lessons were just as cool,
as the practice behind the wheel."
Tim, 30
"Got the ticket! Thank you,
that everything went so smoothly.
Here we go!"
Dannika, 38
"From professionals for professionals -
is 100% right here!"
Caro, 49

as simple as that

Register with DriveX online or on site.
Apply for your EXPANSION at the driving licence office.
  • There you need:
  • The confirmation from your driving school. (Our driving school number: 10447)
  • A biometric passport photo.
  • An eye test from an optician (not older than 2 years).
  • A certificate of attendance of a first aid course. Your identity card or passport.
theory test
  • Conclude the theoretical part by passing the theory test.
    In case of previous possession of class B:
  • 6 x 90 min theory (basic material).
  •  10x 90 min (truck lesson).
Take off while driving!
With us you only take as many driving lessons as you actually need - promised! practice lessons: Basic driving tasks and everything about departure control. The actual number depends on your previous experience and skill
The day of truth:
pass the practical test and hold your driving licence in your hands
DriveX Tip: Save yourself unnecessary waiting time and simply book an online appointment with the driver's license office in advance. That way, you'll have your class DE driver's license in your hands faster.
To the driving licence office
Number of driving hours required by law:
Special trips class D
Basic training
Twilight drive
Extension of Class B less than 2 years
Extension of class B or C1 more than 2 years
Extension of class C less than 2 years
Extension of class C more than 2 years
Extension of class D1
Class EN - With trailer*:
Special trips class DE
Dark drive
Extension of class D
Basic training
4 driving lessons
*No training necessary with previous possession of class CE
If you have any questions:
We are here for you
089 44 88 555
Or write to us:

Bus ticket, small price

To give you a feeling for the price, we have put together an example provided you have been in possession of the CE class for more than 2 years:
Basic amount (class D):
Seven normal exercise lessons at €100 each:
15 statutory special trips at €110 each:
Theory test:   
Practice test:   
Work together:  

All prices include VAT. Driving lessons are calculated at 45 minutes.
Each additional driving lesson costs €100.
Excluding TÜV fees for theoretical and practical test).
This is a price example.
The actual costs may vary.


Driver's license financing?
Simply have your truck driver's license financed by the employment agency.
We can help you with this at
089 - 44 88 555
Or write to us:

Thank you for your registration, we will contact you as soon as possible.
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FAQ for driving licence class D and DE

Bus driver's license - is there any cost coverage or funding?

If you decide to train as a bus driver, the driver's license is usually part of the training. Whether you have to make a co-payment or bear the costs entirely is specified in your training contract. Upon request, you will receive information on the modalities in advance.

You do not have a legal claim to cost coverage or funding. However, if you are unemployed and cannot find a job in your original profession, a grant, financing or a loan may be possible. However, this is always a case-by-case decision.

Bus driving licence- is there an age limit?

You must be 24 years old if you want to drive a bus independently. In the context of training or in exceptional cases, driving a bus is possible from the age of 21. However, you are restricted in the length and nature of the routes you are allowed to drive. When you reach the age limit of 24, all restrictions are lifted.
Important to know:
There is no accompanied driving as with the car driving license when driving a bus.

Which driving school do I attend for the bus driving licence?

There are several driving schools in Munich that offer training as a bus driver. Check the service catalogue of the driving school of your choice. If you would like to obtain your driver's license as part of a training course, you will usually be given the name of one or more driving schools as partners.

Bus driving licence - can I complete an intensive course?

It is possible to complete the bus driver's license at short notice as part of an intensive course. In this case, you plan a period of one week to ten days. In this time you dedicate yourself fully to the training content. For this reason, it is recommended that you do not plan any other things or activities.

Bus driver's license through the unemployment office?

In individual cases, it is possible to obtain the bus driver's license through the employment office. Note that you have no legal claim to the assumption of costs. If the employment office covers all or part of the costs, this is usually linked to a subsequent employment opportunity. Therefore, you must meet special requirements if you want to obtain the bus driver's license through the employment office. You can get information from your advisor.

What to do if the bus driver's license has expired?

The bus driver's license is valid for five years. You can find the date on the document. This is a cut-off period. This means that you will not be allowed to drive a bus one day after the end of the printed period. For this reason, it is important to renew your driver's license in time.

How much does the bus driver's license renewal cost?

To renew your bus driver's licence, you will need the following documents and examinations:
* A biometric passport photo that is up to date (costs: from ten euros)
* An ophthalmological examination (costs 80 to 100 euros)
* A general medical examination (costs 30 to 50 euros)
* Costs for issuing the driver's licence: 30 to 50 euros

The total costs are therefore between 200 and 250 euros.

How much does the class D bus driver's license cost?

The average cost of obtaining a bus driver's license is in the range of 3,000 to 5,000 EUR. This amount includes all driving lessons as well as the cost of examinations and issuing the necessary documents. The highest cost factor is the driving hours. The fewer driving hours you need to drive a bus safely, the cheaper the license.

Which certificate of good conduct do I need for the bus driver's licence?

As a bus driver, you take on a responsibility for a larger number of people. For this reason, class D driving licenses are the only ones for which a certificate of good conduct is required. This is also required for the P license for passenger transport by cab. A simple certificate of good conduct of current date is sufficient for the issuance of the bus driver's license.

When can I start taking a bus driver's licence?

You must be at least 24 years old to be able to take the bus driver's licence. In exceptional cases, an age of 21 is sufficient. However, until you reach the actual age limit of 24 years, you are only allowed to drive the bus with restrictions.

Which bus driving licence class is right for me?

The bus driving qualification is classified in group D of the driving licence classes. You can obtain the following bus driving licences:

Class D/D1: Permission to drive a bus with a trailer weighing up to 750 kg

Class DE/DE1: Permission to drive a bus with a trailer weighing more than 750 kg.

What are the requirements for obtaining a driver's license for buses?

You must meet these requirements if you want to obtain the driver's license for the bus:

* Minimum age 24 years (in exceptional cases 21 years)
* Possession of the driving license class B for at least two years (end of the probationary period)
* Medical certificates describing a suitability for driving the bus (ophthalmologist, general practitioner)
* Flawless certificate of good conduct
* First aid course
* Medical-psychological examination

All documents must be available before you can start with the training to become a bus driver.

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*10%discount on the basic amount - not combinable with other promotions and discounts.