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Trailer driving licence
B96 trailer driving licence

driving licence class B96

Class B96: Small training, big impact.
You like to travel with the caravan? Or with horses? Then the trailer driving licence class B96 is just right for you. Provided that the total mass of the car and trailer does not exceed 4250 kg. With only one day of training, you will have your B96 driving licence with us. Book very easy online with DriveX. We will take you further.


23 Mar
Driving licence class B96
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one training, many benefits:

training in just one day
Inside knowledge from our professionals.
Directly at DriveX in trudering.
Entertaining lessons at eye level.
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"In in the morning, out again in the evening with the certificate."
Jan, 33
"Learned everything I need to know in a very short time."
Heinrich, 23
"Going on holiday in a caravan has always been my dream. Now I'm ready to go."
Justin, 30.
"Finally, I can drive my own horse trailer. Here we go."
Siglinde, 24


as simple as that

Book your training. online or at our premises.
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take part in the one-day training course:
theoretical part.
  • In the two and a half hour theory part you can ask us all the questions you can think of on the subject of trailers.
Take part in the one-day training:
practical part
  • 210 minutes practical exercises
  • 60 minutes driving in real traffic
get your license.
  • There is neither a theoretical nor a practical examination.

  • At the end of the training you will receive a certificate of participation from us, which you then present to your driving licence office.

DriveX Tip: Save yourself unnecessary waiting time and simply book an online appointment with the driver's license office in advance. That way, you'll have your
German driver's license in your hands faster.
To the driving licence office
If you have any questions:
We are here for you
089 44 88 555
Or write to us:


Everything has a price, but you can push it.

Group seminar: 399 €

All prices include VAT. Driving lessons are calculated at 45 minutes.
If you need more driving lessons, 1 driving lesson costs 99€.
The B96 training is also bookable as individual single training for 999€.

Book a group seminar!


FAQ about the driving licence class B96

What am I allowed to drive with the B96 licence?

With driving licence class B96, the maximum permissible mass of the car and trailer must not exceed 4250 kilograms. The total mass of the trailer must not be heavier than ??? kilograms.
Compared to driving licence class B, where the total mass of the trailer may not exceed 750 kilograms (the total mass may be higher if the total mass of the car + trailer does not exceed 3500 kilograms), you can therefore tow up to 2750 kilograms more. The B96 driving licence is

How long does the B96 driving licence take?

At DriveX you can get your B96 driving licence in just one day.

When I get my B96 certificate, can I drive straight away?

No. After successfully completing the training, you will receive your certificate of attendance. With this you must now go to the driving licence office to get your B96 driving licence registered.
As you will be issued a new driving licence, we recommend that you make an appointment with the driving licence office in advance.
Particularly those in a hurry have the possibility of having a provisional driving licence issued.

What is meant by permissible total mass anyway?

The permissible total mass (or total weight) is the sum of the unladen weight plus the maximum permissible load of a vehicle.
Exact details of the permissible total weight can be found in the registration certificate part 1 in field F2 or in the old vehicle registration document of the vehicle under number 15.
The unladen weight is the mass of the vehicle without load. This includes the weight of the driver (approx. 75 kg) and a tank load. You will normally find information on the unladen weight in the registration certificate Part 1 under G (unladen weight of the vehicle in kg). To determine the maximum load, subtract the unladen weight from the maximum permissible gross weight.
The load (including persons) can now be weighed individually before loading. Alternatively, you can drive the loaded vehicle combination to a public weighing station so that the permissible total weight is not exceeded.

How much does the course cost and how is it structured?

The B96 trailer driving license day course does not cost much. How much you have to budget depends on whether you prefer to learn in a group or alone. The group seminar is with 399 EUR a bit cheaper than the individual seminar with 999 EUR. In return, we can respond even better to your personal needs. The course includes a two and a half hour theory module, in which the trainers answer all your questions. This is followed by the practical part. Here we do different exercises in the group for three and a half hours. You will learn exactly what you have to pay attention to when transporting particularly heavy trailers. Afterwards, you can consolidate and apply what you have learned in real traffic. This takes another hour. If you need more driving lessons, they cost 99EUR each. There is no exam! At the end of the day, you go home with a certificate of participation, which you submit to your driver's license office.
You can find more detailed information about applying for a driver's license here:
Apply for driver's license

What am I allowed to drive with B96?

To participate in the B96 trailer driving license day course, you will of course need a class B driver's license. You must also be at least 18 years old. Accompanied driving at 17 is also possible. You are allowed to drive a motor vehicle with a maximum weight of 3500 kg and to pull a trailer with a maximum weight of 750 kg. The permissible total mass applies. If your car weighs less, the trailer may also weigh more, as long as you do not exceed the 3500 kg total permissible mass. This gives you some leeway. However, if you want to go on vacation with your caravan or camper, or if you want to be more flexible in your daily work, you will quickly run out of room. With the B96 extension, you can drive a combination of vehicle and trailer that weighs up to 4250 kg in total.

Get the B96 driving licence in Bavaria?

The B96 is not tied to a specific location. You can do the training anywhere in Germany. How about a day trip to Munich and drive back home at the end of the day with your B96 license? Our customers are not only from Munich, but from all over Bavaria. That's what makes our trainings so special.

Can I also pull a horse trailer with B96?

You ride and want to be able to transport your horse independently? This is possible with theB96. However, you should find out exactly how much your trailer with horse, feed and riding equipment will weigh at most. If you also want to take two horses with you, you should perhaps consider taking the BE driving licence at the same time.

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