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Trailer driving licence
Driving licence class BE

driving licence class BE

For fans and followers
of very large trailers.
Whatever you want to tow, with this driving licence you can set off perfectly prepared - as long as the trailer does not weigh more than 3,500 kg and, together with the coupled car, does not weigh more than 7,000 kg. With the driving licence class BE you are always on the safe side.
We train you to become a trailer professional in just one day. Very quickly with DriveX. We'll take you further.

Conditions for the BE driving licence

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x Advantages with DriveX

complete training in only one day!
Inside knowledge from our trailer professionals.
DriveX 3x in munich - always with you.
No theoretical examination necessary.
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"The whole team super nice
and very knowledgeable."
Rahel, 42
"Big thanks to Christian! In two days, got his BE license." Ludwig, 29
"All done in two days."
Ferdinand, 25
"Great preparation for the exam! Thanks again."
Bernd, 44


4 steps to your BE driving licence!

book your training day online at drive x direkt.
At DriveX, the entire BE training takes place on a day that you have booked.
Book directly!
Apply for your extension at the driving licence office.
  • There you need:
  • The confirmation from your driving school.
    (Our driving school number: 10447)
  • Your identity card or passport.
  • A biometric passport photo.
  • A certificate of attendance of a first aid course.
  • Result of an optician's eye test (not older than 2 years).
Take part in the one-day practical training.
  • Here you will learn all the basics about the BE driving licence class and you can ask all the questions you can think of.

    Bylaw, 5 special drives are required:
  • 3 x 45 minutes overland drive.
  • 1 x 45 minutes of motorway travel.
  • 1 x 45 minutes night drive.
  • Plus additional practice hours depending on your skills.
Pass the exam and be prepared for all the burdens of life!
  • For the BE driving licence, there is only a practical test.

    Contents of the test.
  • Driving in the city
  • Motorway & Overland
  • Coupling and uncoupling
  • Basic driving task Backwards around the corner
DriveX Tip: Save yourself unnecessary waiting time and simply book an online appointment with the driving licence office in advance. That way, you'll have your
BE trailer driving licence in your hands sooner.
To the driving licence office

If you have any questions:

We are here for you

Feel free to write to us:

DriveX - your driving school in Munich. In a one-day course for the trailer driving licence B96 or BE


Driving licence - Small costs

To give you a feel for the price, we have calculated our average number of hours from 2022 in this example.
  • Basic amount: 295€
  • 1x 45 minutes exercise lesson (99 €): 99€
  • 5x 45 minutes special rides (99 €): 495€
  • practical exam: 310€
Makes together: 1199 €

All prices include VAT. Driving lessons are calculated at 45 minutes. Each additional driving lesson costs 99€. (Excluding the fees for the practical test (310€) and the TÜV fees of the practical test).
This is a price example.
Actual costs may vary.

book directly!
If you have any questions:
We are here for you

FAQ for the driving licence class BE

What am I allowed to drive with the driving licence class BE?

With the BE driving licence class for trailers, the maximum permissible mass of the car and trailer must not exceed 7000 kilograms. The total mass of the trailer must not be heavier than 3500 kilograms.
Compared to driving licence class B, where the total mass of the trailer may not exceed 750 kilograms (the total mass may be higher if the total mass of the car + trailer does not exceed 3500 kilograms), you can therefore tow up to 2750 kilograms more. Under certain circumstances, the small trailer driving licence B96 is also sufficient for your needs.

What is the maximum permissible laden mass?

The permissible total mass (or total weight) is the sum of the unladen weight plus the maximum permissible load of a vehicle.
Exact details of the permissible total weight can be found in the registration certificate part 1 in field F2 or in the old vehicle registration document of the vehicle under number 15.
The unladen weight is the mass of the vehicle without load. This includes the weight of the driver (approx. 75 kg) and a tank load. You will normally find information on the unladen weight in the registration certificate Part 1 under G (unladen weight of the vehicle in kg). To determine the maximum load, subtract the unladen weight from the maximum permissible gross weight.
The load (including persons) can now be weighed individually before loading. Alternatively, you can drive the loaded vehicle combination to a public weighing station so that the permissible total weight is not exceeded.

How many axles are allowed to drive with the driving licence class BE?

With the BE driving licence class, you can drive with any number of axles. There is no legal restriction on this.

How much does the driving licence class BE cost?

The BE driving license is a manageable investment. Since you must already have the class B driver's license, we focus the BE training on everything that is different with driving with a trailer. The costs are easy to plan, because usually only 1-2 practice hours are necessary. These cost 99 Euro per 45 minutes.
In addition, 5 special drives (3x cross-country drive, 1x highway drive and 1x twilight and darkness drive) of 45 minutes each must be completed. A special journey costs 99 euro. So here comes a total of 495 euros for the special trips. In addition, a one-time registration fee of 295 euros will be charged. At the end of the training you take your practical exam and hold your BE driving license in your hands! The exam costs 310€ at the driving school. Thus, the entire BE driving license at DriveX costs 1199€ (calculated with one practice hour).
Plus 116,93€ fee, which the TÜV will charge you for taking the exam. In addition, a new driver's license will be issued by the relevant authority. You can find more information about the application here.

How many driving lessons do you need?

For the BE driving licence, 5 special drives (3x overland, 1x motorway, 1x twilight and darkness) of 45 minutes each are prescribed by law.
In addition, there is a variable number of practice hours. The number depends on your previous knowledge, your skill and your individual learning speed.
However, since you have already gained a lot of experience on the road, the number of practice hours is more than limited.

BE or B96?

With BE, there are no limits to what you can do. This is the large trailer driving licence. You can tow trailers with a maximum permissible weight of 3500 kg (towing vehicle + trailer maximum 7000 kg).
B96 on the other hand is an update of your class B driving licence and enables you to drive up to 4250 kg (towing vehicle + trailer). Only a one-day training course is required and no practical test.
If you are unsure which trailer licence is the right one for your needs, you can contact us at any time.

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