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Driving licence EXAMINATIONS
Theory exam

Theory exam

Book your theory test easily online.

book your theory exam

Once again, we are revolutionising the driving school process into a customer-friendly experience!
No more waiting times, no more non-transparent test distributions - simply book your theory test yourself and independently! It's easy with DriveX - your driving school.

Tips for preparing for your theory exam

For your theory test, you only need your ID card to be able to identify yourself on site at the test centre.
Please allow some buffer time so that you do not get into unnecessary stress.

  • Bring your learning app to 100%
  • Over 1000 questions and a large number of answer options. Only those who have actually gone through the exam material know which questions will be asked in the exam.

  • Learn in stages
  • It's best to set yourself a certain number of minutes per day that you dedicate exclusively to your learning app. This is much more promising and sustainable than learning everything at once shortly before the exam.

  • Don't "aggravate" your first thought!
  • Often the first thought is the right one. If you are sufficiently prepared for the theory exam,
    then trust in your ability! Within the scope of our quality control, we have noticed that often a correctly set check mark was removed again and thus the question was answered incorrectly.

  • Take your time.
  • Do not make any careless mistakes. Even if you have seen all the questions before, take your time during the exam and read the individual questions and answers carefully and to the end. Unfortunately, a "not" is easily overlooked, but it changes the entire meaning of a sentence.

FAQ on the theory test for the driving licence

How many demerit points are allowed in the theory exam?

The individual questions have different weightings. If you answer a question incorrectly, you will receive 2, 3, 4 or 5 demerit points.
When you are issued a driving licence for the first time (or when you transfer a foreign driving licence), you have to answer a total of 30 questions.
You can still pass the theory test with a maximum of ten demerit points. However, if you answer two questions incorrectly with five demerit points each, you also fail with two incorrectly answered questions, even though you only get a total of ten demerit points.
If you add another category to your existing driving licence, you have to answer 20 questions and may have a maximum of six demerit points.

First driving licence: 30 questions (20 questions basic material & 10 questions additional material class B) maximum 10 demerit points
Driving licence extension: 20 questions in total (10 questions basic material & 10 questions additional material class B) maximum 6 demerit points

How long does the theory exam take?

You have a maximum of 45 minutes to answer your questions. However, if you have already finished, you may hand in your answers earlier.

What does the theory exam cost?

For the theory test, there are costs for the driving school (95€) as well as costs for the testing centre (TÜV) (22,49€).

When is it allowed to retake a failed theory exam?

If you have not passed your theory test, you may take the test again after 14 days.
You can even take the test again after eight days if you have a maximum of 11 penalty points and complete three theory lessons before the next test.

How do I cancel my already booked theory exam?

Theory examinations that have already been booked can be cancelled up to a maximum of eight days before the examination date by emailing

Theory exam in a foreign language?

You can take the theory exam in the following foreign languages:
English, French, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, Turkish
Inform the examiner immediately before the exam in which foreign language you would like to take the theory exam.

How long is a passed theory test valid?

The test order is valid for one year from the date of receipt by the driving school selected by you.
If the theory test is passed, the validity is extended by a further year. After that, the test must be taken again.

What happens if you fail the exam three times?

The three-month ban after 3 failed theory tests no longer exists. However, you should rethink your preparation and contact us if you have any uncertainties. Together we can then tackle the causes and make the next exam a success!

Dates for the theory exam

You can easily book your theory test online with DriveX:
Theory test